Policy solutions to address climate change

Forty years of innovation

Our energy efficiency legacy

Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1979, PECI is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancement in energy use, generation and policy. We are recognized as leaders in the field of energy resource management, with expertise in designing and implementing programs for utility and government agency clients. Our work on energy efficiency programs continues to help millions of residential, commercial and industrial utility customers use energy more wisely.

Looking forward

PECI is now focused on partnering with other nonprofits in addressing transportation decarbonization and reducing the climate impact of buildings. Specifically, this work will help advance energy-related policies—especially in Oregon—that will help address climate change while integrating equity considerations.


PECI’s Past Work

Citywide Energy Efficiency Improvements

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit by the city of Portland to provide loans to businesses and homeowners to undertake energy audits and weatherization retrofits. Over the next 35 years, PECI developed a nationally-recognized portfolio of energy efficiency programs, addressing existing buildings, new construction, and commissioning. Click to read our full origin story.

Community Energy Projects

In 2014, PECI sold its energy efficiency program assets and refocused its efforts on developing resilient communities that thrive in the new energy economy. We provided technical and program assistance to keep communities at the center of an affordable, equitable and low-carbon future. We also helped these communities stabilize energy costs, generate future revenue and position the local workforce for emerging energy sector jobs. 

PECI’s Climate Focus

PECI’s current work focuses on policy advancement in transportation decarbonization and reducing the climate impact of buildings. PECI is supporting efforts of the following partners:

  • Nonprofits working to put all buildings in Oregon on the path to zero energy through collaboration in the Zero Energy Ready Oregon (ZERO) coalition.
  • A coalition of nonprofits working toward clean and equitable transportation for Oregonians, including Climate Solutions, Forth, Oregon Environmental Council, and Verde.
  • Nonprofits working on immediate climate-related regulatory and policy issues, including NW Energy Coalition, Oregon for Climate Action, Renewable Northwest, and Renew Oregon.

PECI plans to continue partnering in this arena. We are not accepting any unsolicited proposals at this time.



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