Advancing Innovation

Fostering the new energy economy through innovation and market creation.

PECI helps communities and markets evolve ahead of the changing energy landscape by cultivating the emergence of pilots, programs and products that support communities with grid flexibility and affordable energy for generations to come.

With nearly 40 years of experience in energy innovation, PECI’s deep relationships and vast expertise help community organizations and technology start-ups bring cutting-edge, socially beneficial ideas to life. Our long history as capable implementers allows us to adapt ideas through the implementation phase, and ultimately, to market adoption and wide-scale public benefit. By helping to scale technologies, models and programs from an idea to a market-ready program or tool, PECI connects communities to valuable ideas and organizations that create jobs and usher local communities closer to a bright energy future.

PECI further provides either strategic impact contributions or technical assistance to communities, organizations and energy start-ups committed to benefiting local communities through the advancement of smart grid technology, economic development and grid modernization.



Facilitating pilots and lending technical and implementation expertise.


Scaling technologies from an idea to a market-ready program or tool.


Investing in organizations and start-ups that benefit local communities.


Local Energy Exchange Program

LEEP helps you make small changes to conserve energy and provide vital funding to the schools in your community, all without affecting your bottomline energy bill and at no additional cost.

Community Asset Mapping

To understand the needs and strengths of your community, PECI gathers data on critical facilities, municipal infrastructure and asset capabilities, then maps it to make informed suggestions for projects that will work.

Grid Edge Services

PECI helps communities understand and capture the value of grid modernization to improve power delivery and increase reliability, security and asset utilization.

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