Policy & Technical Solutions

Supporting community prosperity and decision-making power.

PECI provides technical and program assistance to like-minded organizations to advance policies that keep communities at the center of an affordable, equitable and low-carbon future.

Advances in manufacturing, communications and computing have dramatically transformed our country’s energy and economic landscape. These monumental changes have decreased the energy and economic resilience of many communities long reliant on increasingly outdated energy systems and rapidly declining manufacturing and agricultural jobs.

PECI joins these communities all over the country to help them learn from each other, build their local capacity and benefit from the opportunities that market disruption provides. Through technical expertise, mentorship and policy guidance, PECI connects communities with utilities, regulators and citizens to increase grid flexibility and gain access to affordable, reliable energy for generations to come.



Giving communities a head start with vetted tools, case studies, best practices and trends.

To give communities a head start, PECI works with partners to identify and develop local policies and provide them with informative tools to help them achieve their energy goals.

PECI helps communities identify financing mechanisms to help them enact change when budgets are limited and to connect energy projects with broader community development and innovation goals.

The Community Energy Toolkit provides an example of PECI’s thought leadership capabilities.


Supporting technological advancements that contribute to a new and improved energy economy.

PECI supports technological advancement that contributes to a new energy economy by helping communities with resource procurement best practices, community energy mapping and project plans that include detailed templates and timelines.


Fostering buy-in, education and excitement around community energy projects and programs.

PECI helps communities organize action through regular accountability check-ins and problem-solving forums. By providing oversight, advocacy and planning, PECI helps communities develop and fund progressive energy plans, pilots, programs, projects and portfolios.

PECI partners with advocates to provide communities with tools, templates and networks to help them transition from campaigns and advocacy to action and implementation.

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