Community Energy Advising

Empowering communities to meet their energy and resilience goals.

PECI provides consulting services to help local communities plan for, identify, develop and own assets and infrastructure that can stabilize energy costs, generate future revenue and position the local workforce for emerging energy sector jobs.

Through technical and programmatic expertise, PECI positions communities for new opportunities and active participation in an affordable, equitable and modern energy economy. PECI empowers these communities to collectively or independently identify, pilot, test and scale innovative, affordable, equitable and flexible energy projects that further economic and educational opportunity for community members.



Helping local communities stabilize energy costs, generate revenue and build a new workforce.

PECI facilitates stakeholder alignment, including outreach to local government, industry and labor leaders, utilities and research institutions. By cultivating relationships with and outreach to prospective developers, funders and utilities, PECI acts as a guide for communities to pursue funding for their projects.

PECI develops training to prepare the local workforce for emerging energy jobs in subfields such as programming, big data, controls, energy management and the installation and maintenance of clean energy infrastructure and technologies.


Gathering data on energy generation, usage and load profiles to increase energy readiness.

With PECI’s guidance, communities are finding a path forward for meeting greenhouse gas emissions targets. PECI develops projects that grow local energy generation, energy efficiency, demand-response capabilities and overall resiliency without disrupting grid reliability. These projects increase climate readiness, capacity and resilience.

PECI’s work also positions local labor and youth to take advantage of the opportunities grid modernization offers and aligns precious community efforts and resources to adapt as the energy sector rapidly evolves.


Creating symbiotic partnerships to help communities come together for a common cause.

By coordinating with diverse stakeholders, PECI develops a thorough understanding of how communities and utilities can work as partners in a modern grid ecosystem.

PECI identifies cost-effective solutions to ensure communities can achieve clean energy goals, aggregating the purchasing power of many actors across a community. PECI also helps communities look to the future, positioning them for opportunities such as eco-districts, incentives, grants or state and federal funding programs.


TIER: Curriculum

Tenino Innovation and Education through Renewables (TIER) provides the rural town of Tenino with energy education and vocational training that prepares the community to live comfortably in a new energy environment.

TIER: Grid Modernization

PECI delivers a Hosting Capacity Analysis model that helps utilities speed the interconnection of distributed energy resources and fairly allocates costs for associated grid upgrades providing benefits to the electric system.

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