Wise and flexible planning for a smart energy future.

PECI is your community’s partner in developing the relationships, processes, resources and systems you need to build a future of local energy independence.

Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1979, PECI is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating the new, publicly-beneficial energy economy. We are leaders in the field of energy resource management, with expertise in designing and implementing community energy programs for utility and government agency clients. Our work helps millions of residential, commercial and industrial utility customers use energy more wisely.

PECI is committed to building resilient community energy systems. We support local efforts by applying resources, planning and technical expertise because we believe strongly that local control of energy systems will strengthen local economies, make local systems more resilient and have lasting benefits for the environment.


Defining the new energy future since 1979.

PECI has a long history of energy innovation. Our mission is to strengthen local communities by helping them build, participate in and benefit from modern and resilient energy systems and infrastructure.


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